Baghdad Underground Railroad

by Steve Miska

Baghdad Underground Railroad Cover

During the war’s worst fighting in 2006 and 2007, a handful of Iraqi interpreters put their lives on the line to help American troops. Families threatened, a bounty on their heads, ignored by the powers that be, they faced execution as collaborators with the enemy if they remained in their homeland. A Task Force Commander decides a promise made should be a promise kept.

After the murders of several Iraqi allies, Lt. Col Steve Miska decides to slice through the bureaucratic red tape to get interpreters to safety. His team creates the Baghdad Underground Railroad to get the “terps” and other allies out of the country to Jordan for their Embassy interviews. Soldiers also tap their own families in the United States to serve as sponsors to house and assist the new immigrants.

For the Iraqis, they face the struggle of adapting to a culture vastly different from their own. One of them even joins the U.S. Army and returns to Iraq as an American soldier.

In this compelling memoir that illustrates humanity and compassion in the midst of war, Steve Miska highlights the plight of local allies, who are essential to the American cause in foreign wars but are often left behind. He also offers an insider’s look at the complex and frustrating political reality of Iraq facing U.S. commanders and policymakers following the downfall of Saddam Hussein.

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Welcome to Blackwater

by Morgan Lerette

Morality has no place in combat. Blackwater is the most notorious private security contractor of the Global War on Terror. Were they a necessary evil?

Welcome to Blackwater, by Morgan Lerette, is a tell-all memoir of Blackwater and its people in Iraq.  It covers eighteen months in 2004-2005.

The founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince, stated there were over 40,000 missions completed by Blackwater with only 200 shots fired. Want the truth?

Unregulated and unsupervised, for seven years Blackwater contractors provided security for State Department personnel in Iraq.  Morgan and his cohorts were tasked with protecting the diplomats assigned to build a new government. Between Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell, the US was ill equipped to complete the mission. They hired Blackwater contractors to fill the gap.

Follow Morgan Lerette as he witnesses the Iraq war turn from victory to defeat in 18 months – ultimately concluding war is…

You’ll have to read the book.

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Zippo Boys

by Dave Lara

In the jungles of Vietnam, Combat Corpsman Dave Lara keeps the biggest secret of the war – he’s gay.  He saves lives, becomes a man and falls in love at a time when being him was a crime.  ZIPPO BOYS takes the reader into the fog of war and the hearts of young men who face prison if their truth is told.

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Bootleg Heroes

by Peter Cook

The writer’s mantra – write what you know – applies in spades for Pete Cook’s first novel Bootleg Heroes. Cook joined the Marines at 17 – convinced he could leave his hometown and do something truly heroic.  He did not. His experiences in Ecuador, as a Marine Security at the U.S. Embassy in Quito, make for a wildly sardonic read – closer in spirit to Animal House than Saving Private Ryan. What happens in the novel, happened in real time. Only the names have been changed.

Coming in 2021