Help support the most bipartisan issue on the hill concerning veterans: the effort to exfiltrate thousands of translators and their families from Afghanistan before their inevitable slaughter. These Afghan allies have laid their lives down for our sons and daughters and it’s time we support them with a safe haven. To withdraw with dignity, respecting the military’s ethos of leave no one behind. For more information on what you can do, purchase Baghdad Underground Railroad, the debut memoir from veteran author Col. Steve Miska (ret.). Baghdad Underground Railroad is available for purchase on Amazon and was published by Onward Press, the publishing imprint of USVAA.

Steve Miska is the Director of the nonprofit First Amendment Voice. Since retiring as a Colonel after 25 years of service in the military and three combat tours in Iraq, Steve founded Servant Leader Citizen Consulting, Inc. which helps clients understand national security and counterterrorism issues in an increasingly global environment. Previously, he served in the White House as a Director for Iraq on the National Security Council. In 2007, he led a team that established an underground railroad for dozens of interpreters from Baghdad to Amman to the United States. He earned top academic honors as a Counterterrorism Fellow at the College of International Security Affairs and has taught national security at Marine Corps War College.